A friend from work and I did a half marathon and trained on our own. The next logical step for me was a marathon, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to train by myself. I went to the first training run of the season and never looked back.

The program works really well for people who are busy and may not have time to run
several miles during the week as some training programs require. The program is also very forgiving. There is always time to catch up again.

The group welcomes you no matter what kind of shape you are in when you start.
Whether fast or slow, the focus is on doing your best, achieving your running goals, and
staying happy and healthy.

Nicole, Joined in 2002

My name is America. I am Denver FIT.

Now training for her 11th marathon, America says peer pressure brought her to USA FIT Denver.

“My friend wanted to check “marathon” off her bucket list and asked me to join her,” said Paz. “I had never done anything like this before and kept showing up to support her even though I hadn’t planned to actually finish the program.”

After every long run, the sense of accomplishment kept Paz coming back. After reaching her goal, Paz continued training on her own but then returned to USA FIT Denver.

“Training alone was hard. With USA FIT Denver, you never run alone. There is always someone that can match your pace and the coaches are very supportive. It’s more like running with a friend than a coach,” said America.

America says she keeps coming back because the program works.

“Anyone can do this. I started because of my friend, but now I’m doing it for me.”

America, Joined in 2008

Proud finishers at the 2016 Memorial Hermann/USAFIT Marathon. We were among many USA FIT Cypress participants. Thanks to all of our coaches at USA FIT Cypress for your encouragement and guidance.

Bob & Janet Howard, USA FIT Cypress, TX

I have been a member of USA Fit Temecula for two years. I came to be a member when it was becoming more and more clear to me that my husband really wasn't the best coach for me, and truly we both needed to find running buddies that were at our running ability. An event at our local running store one summer proved to be the solution, when I met the coaches for USA Fit. I turned to my husband and said THIS is exactly what we need. We signed up that day. Joining USA Fit changed me not only as a runner but truly physically and mentally. Having the accountability of being with our group for our weekly runs has forced me to get out of bed no matter how long the miles might be or what the weather might be. I have grown stronger and more confident and have since branched out to join other runners, which before I would not have had the courage or confidence to do. Since joining this group I have run two full Marathons and can't remember how many Half Marathons. I love being a part of this group, and knowing at races there are friends out there running the same course and that we will all see each other at the end keeps me going when the going gets tough. I have been encouraged by the coaches, and learned so much from their experience. I am always so grateful for that day I happened upon this group.. and speaking for my husband as well, USA FIT has truly transformed us...

Dave and Judy Carney, USA FIT Temecula, CA