I joined USA FIT in 2018 for the first time at the ripe age of 59.  I was preparing for the Chicago Marathon.  USA Fit helped me with my continued weight loss of 40lbs (178 lbs to 138lbs), reduction in my blood pressure medication as well as halting the slide into diabetes.

Enjoying the support and camaraderie with other runners got me thru the training.  I loved running those early long runs with others.  Matt, Liz, and Melissa were great coaches in the finest sense of the word because they ran along, encouraged and gently taught me the finer aspects of running long distances.  They even helped me figure out the hypoglycemic bonk around mile 12!

I finished the Chicago marathon in 6 hrs and 31 minutes without injury and with the ability to still walk and go upstairs!   My 26-year-old son and his wife also ran and completed in 5 hrs.  So not too bad for a nearly 60 yr old beginner runner.

This next season, I plan to join again.  My running goals are simple:  stay fit and strong.  USA FIT will help me with these goals.

Linda, Joined in 2018