I moved to Denver from Massachusetts in June of 2015 to join a startup. I was in the middle of training for my Boston Qualifying marathon and found USA FIT Denver online. I emailed them and they were immediately welcoming.

My main goal was to find a group of new people with similar goals that would get me out of my apartment and help me train.

I use the program to keep myself grounded and to stay on track. Since joining USA FIT Denver my goals and fitness levels have varied from season to season.

My first season I leaned heavily on the USA FIT program to qualify for the Boston Marathon and achieve several personal bests for my marathon times and half marathon times. With this training as a baseline, I slowed down but built myself back up for back to back marathons and ultra-distances, including several 50-mile races. I am currently attempting my first Leadville 100.

I say the program helps me stay grounded because it really focuses on training safely. I have put together some over-eager training schedules that ended up being unrealistic with the amount of time available to train. This program focuses on quality training and helps provide knowledge to our members to keep them injury free for as long as possible.

My favorite part of the season is the second half. The runs start getting longer, the weather is hotter, and it’s exciting to learn how to cope with those challenges. It is easy to start skipping runs at this point since the time commitment starts to increase, but the group helps to keep yourself accountable.

We have all had difficult runs, where either we don't want to start, or things just don't go as planned but being able to look around and train with people going through the same things helps ease that burden. I really enjoy the 18- and 21-mile benchmark runs during this second half. It is very exciting to see our new runners tackle these for the first time and our returning members logging another major run.

Additionally, I really appreciate the social aspect of Denver FIT. We are an accommodating group that likes to help each other attain our goals, whether it’s a personal best half marathon, a Boston qualifying marathon, or working towards someone’s first trail race.

We have members with a lot of experience to learn from and members that are working towards their first race that bring new perspectives.

The USA FIT Denver program and our USA FIT Denver community really help me stay on track for smart, attainable goals that are still challenging and greatly rewarding.

Matt, Joined in 2015