Walking Program

Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k Training Program

Walkers comprise an enthusiastic and growing segment of USA FIT Denver. This group is specifically designed for people walking a 13:45 or greater pace, or have never run before, but the goal is the same: to help you push your personal boundaries and achieve your performance and speed goals in an encouraging, safe environment.

All athletes meet on Saturday, and progress through a custom schedule each week until the season’s ending taper. Everyone receives the same excellent ability-based coaching, weekly educational seminars, mid-week support, and more.

The program’s general format is as follows:

  • Members participate in an organized training run each Saturday morning with runners of similar training paces.
  • Weekend runs will be followed by a brief discussion about the day’s workout, instructions for the coming week, and an educational seminar on key training topics designed to prepare runners for the rigors of this endurance sport.
  • Members adhere to a schedule of mid-week training runs. Those runs are built with busy lifestyles in mind, so they keep members moving toward their goals while requiring only a moderate amount of time on the road.